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    XIO 9070 Clip is a HD/SD video/audio solid clips player which can store and play compressed video and audio files. The clip outputs 2 HD/SD-SDI signals, provides 1 external sync signal input and supports frame sync. The 128G solid hard dick is able to store about 200 minutes HD materials and the storage space can be expanded.

    The clip provides LED lights to indicate signal status directly. The build-in webserver has Ethernet management so that users can have several play controls and material management via IE. It uses network to import and export materials, supports several compressed materials in playing. The board supports SNMP protocol which can be used with the private network management of XIO NET. Through Ethernet to realize real-time communication with the third party monitoring equipment enables the operator to know about the working condition and settings easily.

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    Output supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 625i, 525i, etc.

    Support high bit rate video/audio materials and static or dynamic graphic play

    Provide an individual external sync connector and frame sync Support analog composite and tri-level sync signal

    Build-in web server, users can have several play control and material management via IE.

    128G solid hard dick can be expanded.

    Convenient material management and play control Auto-play mode has single material, list, loop, etc, support list import and export

    Through Ethernet to realize real-time monitoring Provide one standalone network interface

    Support hot swap

    Supply a software tool to converter different format files to a universal format and QC.

    Reference Input:

    Signal Type:   Analog composite sync or tri-level sync

    System:          PAL/NTSC/Tri-level

    Impedance:    75Ω


    Digital Video Output:

    Output interface:   2*/HD-SDI, BNC

    Impedance:            75 ohms

    Format:                   SMPTE 259M-C; 270Mbp/s

                                   SMPTE 292M;1.485Gb/s

                                   625i50, 525i60, 720p, 1080i, 1080p

    XIO 9070Live    HD/SD video solid clip player

    XIO 9070TSG    HD/SD test signal transmitter                        

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